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In Memoriam


Final Words for the Honorary Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa


It is with an unimaginable sadness that our SunRise Forever family has lost the honorary Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa. We mourn his physical passing, cherish his legacy and promise to continue our hard work changing the lives of Liberian children in his memory.

Barthan was first and foremost a family man. His love and relationship with his wife Rebecca was beautiful to witness and easily admired. His children had an inspiring role model of what a father should be. His many adopted children, nieces, nephews and other family members will all feel a void in their lives as he touched each and every person in a unique and special way.

His prolific career and educational achievements both in the United States and Liberia, are just two examples of how he exceled both professionally and personally. He had perseverance, dedication, compassion and love for his family, friends and colleagues. He was an entrepreneur who saw opportunities and with hard work made the most of each and every one of them. He was a man of faith; loving and giving, spending his life selflessly serving his family, church, country and community. 

As Board Chair of SunRise Forever, and Barthan’s personal friend and colleague, I wish him and the Nyeswa family peace. I thank him deeply for his warm hospitality and I will always appreciate his willingness to open his home to the SunRise Forever team and myself every year.


Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa

Miriam C. Jones

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 3.54.47 AM.png

It is with great sadness and a sense of loss that we share this tribute for our dear friend Miriam. The SunRise Forever family embraced Miriam since its beginning. She had expressed interest in becoming part of the team because of her passion to serve, her love for education and her connection to Liberia through friendship. Her active involvement made her want to join the SunRise team on the next trip to
deliver educational supplies and perhaps someday even teach there and live out one of her dreams.

Miriam was an important member. However, she was much more than a member of SunRise, she was a sister. She was always thinking of others and often brought homemade pastries to meetings to bring smiles to us all. She assisted with our annual fundraisers and was always willing to work evidenced by her participation in our last week’s fish distribution project to the community. She promised to be back on the following Thursday but little did we realize, she came to contribute her last helping hand. Our sister was taken too soon and her absence will be felt by all of us. We are still in shock and heartbroken.

Miriam, you were one of the most beautiful women we knew. You were warm, kind and had a contagious smile. Your love and hard work for the children of Liberia will always be remembered. Take your rest, dear sister. We love you and you will be missed dearly. May all our sweet memories of your time with us be a blessing to us all.

Our sincere sympathies and prayers go out to her family.
With all our love,
The SunRise Forever Inc. family

Jorge Cardenas

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